Ordering Guidelines


Once orders are placed they cannot be changed, modified or cancelled under any circumstances. Please make sure you thoroughly check all orders before submitting.

Returns and Exchanges:

CIN Body Essentials do not accept returns or exchanges. All sales are final, even if unopened. 

What if my package arrived damaged Or I received the wrong product?

If you find, upon receiving your order, that your product is damaged, leaking or incorrect, please contact us via email at support@cinbodyessentials.com within 24 hours of receiving your order. We will be happy to send you the correct product or replace the damaged products. To expedite the replacement process, please email us a picture of your damaged products and packaging.    

Why are my products sometimes different colors?

Since you are receiving handmade products, the color and scent of your product may vary slightly batch to batch.  This is NOT considered a defect in the quality of the product.

Payment Processing:

We will email you if there is a problem processing your payment. If we are not able to reach you within 14 days, we reserve the right to cancel the order. We do not store credit card information so we are not able to add additional items to an existing order.

Out-of-Stock Items:

Sometimes a product is available at the time you place your order, but then becomes out-of-stock by the time your order is received. We will notify via email if this happens.

Shipping Fees:

CIN Body Essentials ships packages via U.S. Postal Service's Priority Mail. Shipping fees are calculated by the carrier and passed directly on to you. We do not add any handling fees to the shipping costs. What you pay is exactly what we pay to the carrier.

We cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage that occurs if your package is delivered when you are not home. Customers are responsible for any shipping or handling charges that are incurred if a package is refused or returned because no one was able to accept it. Customers are also responsible for paying a reship fee if a shipping address is entered incorrectly. 

Additional Shipping Charges:

You are responsible for any additional fees charged by the shipping carrier for address corrections. These fees are charged when packages are missing suite numbers, addresses contain typos including zipcode errors, or contain any other incorrect information that is missing or inaccurately supplied by the customer within the "ship to" area of the order form.

Processing Time:

Orders placed online are generally shipped within 2-3 business days. Processing times are subject to change based on order volume and changes and or delays will be posted on the website. Please consider our processing time when selecting your shipment method, as the quoted shipment time is the time it takes after the package leaves our warehouse.

We reserve the right to change our policies at any time.